Sleep Soundly With Safe Home Security

Thief burglary break

Bulgars typically capitalise on opportunities to get what they desire — if you leave your front gate open, they’ll walk right through.

Although no one is trying to blame the victim, it’s time to figure out how to ensure better security.

Think about the upgrades you need to feel safe at home. It could be something as simple as changing the locks, or something more elaborate like investing in home security.

Burglars often avoid homes with security cameras, as they’re opportunists with the goal of getting in and out without leaving any evidence. For this reason, they prefer locations that are more obviously easy to break into without attracting attention — homes without neighbours or security systems.

However, before you rush off to get your own home security solution, there are several things to understand, one of which is active deterrence

What Is Active Deterrence?

If you’re installing a home security camera to deter crime, you might not get the desired results.


A camera will record the crime but not stop it, and — if the home security cameras are visible — the burglars can avoid them.

Because these devices can see but can’t stop crime, they are typically viewed as passive deterrence.

However, active deterrence security cameras have additional measures to deter crimes. For example, they’re equipped with home alarm systems to warn criminals they’re trespassing. 

Other cameras, such as the IP Security Camera, have a two-way audio system that can notify the burglar that they’re being recorded or that you’ve contacted the police.

4G 1080p IP Security Camera With 5x Optical Zoom

However, this feature isn’t useful without motion detection — the glue that holds everything together.

Preferably, your cameras should have motion detection — but not pixel-based motion detection. With that type, the alarm system will go off every time the camera picks up the slightest movement.

You can avoid what is likely to be countless false alarms by investing in a camera that is able to differentiate between human movements and other kinds of movements.

If a cat walks onto your property, the right home security system will pick up the motion but not record it. However, if it’s a car or human, the system will know the difference and pick up footage.

On top of this, as the safe home security system registers important movement, it will immediately sound an alarm and/or send a notification to the homeowner.

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Where Should You Install Your Safe Home Security Systems?

If you look at Australia’s crime rate, you’ll notice a slight increase after 2015.

What can you do to prevent some of these crimes? You can start by investing in safe home security and positioning the cameras in secure and critical locations.

You see, one outdoor camera isn’t enough to cover your entire property. Think about it this way — the number of cameras in your home security system should be equal to the number of locations you want to protect.

It’s also important to keep the cameras’ viewing angles in mind. You’ll want the widest range for each device.

With this in mind, the main entrance and exit of your property as well as other key areas — such as your driveway — should ideally be covered by multiple cameras.

Cctv cameras security
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Now that you have an idea of where you should install your safe home security, let’s find the best home security cameras.

What to Look for When Purchasing Safe Home Security Systems

Investing in a safe home security system is a relatively straightforward process, especially if you’re conversant with it.

If not, here are several considerations to help you invest in the right system:

Power Source 

Wireless security cameras use batteries and don’t require professional installation.

On the other hand, if you choose a wired security system you’ll want to consider the installation service that likely comes at an extra cost.

Also, prioritise backup power, especially if you live in an area with frequent power outages. Remember — burglars are opportunists and will break in when you least expect it. This is why you might want to invest in solar panels for your security systems. 


If you choose a safe home security system, be sure to consider whether you’ll hire professional monitoring or not. With it, access to the feeds is limited to the hired team, but this also means that there’s reduced risk of your live video falling into the wrong hands.

Another option would be to invest in a wireless security system that uses Wi-Fi to transmit the feed to cloud storage. You can view the feed via a mobile app.

Security Isometric Illustrations

If you choose this option, invest in a system that uses two-factor authentication (2FA) to prevent hacking.

Remember: Cybercrimes are rampant. You might want to scan your home with our counter-surveillance equipment to check if it has any hidden cameras. 

Motion Sensors

It’s a waste of storage space when a camera has to record 24/7. A better option would be to invest in a camera that begins recording when it picks up movement.

This feature works best when paired with two-way audio.

Once your smart home security system detects movement, it sends a notification to your phone. You can then use the two-way audio to communicate through the cameras.

With these two features, you don’t need to monitor your safe home security system 24/7.

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Are You a Homeowner or a Renter?

If you’re living in a rented home, you can invest in wireless DIY home security systems which you can install and uninstall as you please. Wireless DIY systems typically require drilling very few to no holes during set-up.

In addition, it’s easier to choose a short-term monitoring contract that you can update depending on how long you plan on living in the rental.

If you own the house, you have more luxury in choosing your home security systems.

You have the choice between a smart home security system or a permanent wired system. With the latter, the upfront costs are cheaper but are typically paired with a long-term monitoring plan.

You’ll sign a year-long contract or more where you’ll pay monthly fees to monitor and maintain the home security system. The benefit of having a contract is that you’ll have peace of mind and sounder sleep, knowing that someone is watching over your property.

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Typically, alarm monitoring contracts span 12–60 months, but the industry standard is set at 36 months.

Why should you choose a monitoring service?

Monitoring companies subsidize the initial purchase and installation cost to recover it over the monitoring contract’s duration. This means cheaper initial costs, as the sum is spread out over multiple months.

You can also choose to pay for the monitoring service when you need it. However, you won’t sign a contract. This means that the company can’t recoup its investment over an extended period — the purchase and installation cost is all on you.

It’s up to you to figure out which option is financially feasible. And, before you choose your preferred cameras and monitoring service, ensure that you understand the laws on surveillance and monitoring

What Is the Best Home Security Camera?

Here at The Spy Store, we have several cameras suitable for your home security:

Camera 10X Outdoor Security Camera Solar Kit 1080p IP Security Camera 5X Optical Zoom IP Security Camera 4G Wireless Outdoor Security Camera
Night Vision Up to 60 meters Up to 100 meters Up to 50 meters Up to 25 meters
Audio Features No No Two-way audio support Two-way audio support
Optical Zoom 10X optical zoom 20X optical zoom 5X optical zoom N/A
Weather Proof Can withstand the elements IP66 water-resistant IP66 water-resistant IP66 water-resistant
Video Resolution N/A 1080p HD 1080p HD 1080p HD
Best For Safe home security Safe home security A home security solution Safe home security

Outdoor cameras are part of your first line of defence. But, if the criminals get past them, you might want to consider investing in indoor cameras to help you monitor what happens behind closed doors.

If you have a motion-triggered hidden camera, you can set the video to record to an SD card or to stream over Wi-Fi from anywhere in the world.

If you’re communicating with the burglar via your hidden camera, the burglar will scare and leave empty-handed.

This is why you want several cameras indoors and outdoors — if the criminals get past one layer of defence, you have another layer waiting.

Where to Get Safe Home Security Cameras?

You can get your security cameras from The Spy Store. We value our customers, stock high-quality security cameras, offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, free lifetime support, and 1-year warranty.

In addition, here’s a review from one of our clients: 

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Contact us today for any questions you might have, as well as for more details on security cameras.

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