GPS Trackers

      4G Magnetic GPS Tracker
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      • Lifetime License Included
      • 15-20 Average Battery Life
      • 8M Night Vision
      4G Hardwired Car GPS Tracker JM-VL01
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      • Lifetime TracksolidPro License Included
      • Record Live In-App or to SD Card (Expandable up to 32GB)
      • Add and track multiple GPS Trackers on 1 convenient account
      4G Portable Car GPS Tracker
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      • Premium DIY Design
      • 5M Night Vision
      • 15-20 Day Average Battery Life
      Mini 4G OBD GPS Multi Alert Tracker
      • Lifetime TracksolidPro License Included
      • Compact, Easy to Install
      • Connected to a vehicle battery, track 24/7 whenever the vehicle is on
      4G Portable GPS Asset & Vehicle Tracker
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      • Lifetime TracksolidPro License Included
      • Supports multiple 4G Australian service providers (Telstra, Optus, Vodaphone, etc.)
      • Not just for vehicles, attach it anywhere with the included magnet clip!
      • 10 Day Average Battery Life
      • Monitor any asset by attaching this portable, weatherproof tracker
      4G Dual-Camera Dash Cam with GPS Tracker
      • Lifetime TracksolidPro License Included
      • Live view 1080p HD Front and Rear Cameras
      • Connected to a vehicle battery, track 24/7 whenever the vehicle is on
      • Add and track multiple GPS Trackers on 1 convenient account
      4G GPS Pet Tracker
      • Real-time tracking
      • 100 Minutes of Continuous Recording
      • Waterproof Level (IP67) for Adventurous Pets
      • Get alerts when your pet leaves a safe space or enters a no-go zone.
      4G LTE Hardwired Tracker for Motorbike
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      4G Fleet Dash Cam with Driver Behaviour Monitoring
      • Lifetime TracksolidPro License Included
      • Live view 1080p HD Front and Rear Cameras with advanced behaviour monitoring
      • Connected to a vehicle battery, track 24/7 whenever the vehicle is on
      • Add and track multiple GPS Trackers on 1 convenient account

      Find a GPS Tracker solution for every situation

      Do I need a subscription for a GPS tracker?

      There is no subscription cost required for any of our GPS trackers at The Spy Store. Instead, just provide your own prepaid or postpaid SIM card, and you can use your GPS tracker straight away. 

      This makes the process quicker for you and ultimately gives you more control (as you can choose and change your data limits with your SIM network provider directly). 

      At The Spy Store, our range of GPS trackers are simple to set up and come in a range of options - such as portable, hardwired, 3G, 4G. This means that there’s a GPS tracker option to suit your needs and budget.

      What is a GPS Tracker?

      A GPS Tracker is a device that tracks a moving person, object or animal. This device is usually attached to the person or object, and its data is usually shared on a platform that you can access. Depending on the GPS Tracker, you will be able to see the tracking data live and store that data for a set period of time.

      How does a GPS tracker work?

      GPS tracking uses a network of satellites which determine the location of a device. This process is known as trilateration, it’s the same technology used by your in-car navigation system, Google Maps and Apple Maps. 

      Real-time GPS trackers for cars can provide instant data on speed and location. With many sophisticated car GPS trackers, you can set up real-time alerts on your mobile phone that will tell you when a driver speeds and when the vehicle enters a certain area.

      Some models allow you to remotely lock the ignition and shut off fuel supply in case your vehicle is stolen! It’s incredibly useful for business owners, tradespeople, fleet managers, parents, car enthusiasts and vehicle owners of almost any kind. 

      GPS tracking also has a multitude of personal safety applications, including personal GPS trackers, which are a great way to protect your loved ones (such as elderly parents) and kid GPS trackers - the perfect way to stay connected to your kids and keep them safe.

      What is the best GPS tracker?

      Whether you need a Car GPS trackerPersonal GPS tracker or Kid GPS tracker, we have the options to suit every need and budget at The Spy Store. 

      Need help finding the best GPS tracker for your situation? Give our friendly customer support team a call. 

      We’re proudly New Zealand owned and operated, and we’re passionate about our tech and security gear. We would be more than happy to discuss your GPS tracker needs and recommend the best product for you.

      GPS Tracker

      Nowadays, using a GPS tracker is a popular way to keep track of your belongings or loved ones – you can even use it to monitor the movement of your pet while you’re away!

      The Spy Store specialises in all things surveillance technology – particularly in GPS trackers. Our GPS trackers offer you peace of mind since they are made from top-quality materials and come with sophisticated software. At The Spy Store, there is a product for your specific needs, whether you are a business manager in New Zealand, a caring parental figure, or even a pet trainer. 

      Find out what true security and safety looks like with the myriad of monitoring accessories found at The Spy Store. Choose a GPS device tracker with all the features you will ever need. We have security trackers that are built for certain categories. You can select from spy camera devices to GPS to track a vehicle

      For vehicles, consider investing in a car tracker that suits your needs. For large-scale enterprises, choose a GPS tracker for car that allows your manager to create business plans based on detailed analytics. If you have teenagers learning how to drive, you may opt for a personal car GPS that can track speed and driving patterns.

      For home security, protect your property by purchasing small spy camera devices that can be used to scout the indoor portions of your house. By contrast, install outdoor camera devices to thwart off burglars and prevent your valuable belongings from being stolen.

      Whatever your situation may be, The Spy Store has you covered. Browse through our premium offers. If you have questions or concerns, our team of experts is ready to answer.

      What are GPS trackers? 

      GPS trackers are a type of device that uses Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to track the location of objects or people. These trackers can be used for a variety of purposes, such as tracking vehicles, monitoring employees, or safeguarding children. If you lose your vehicle or the simplest item such as a backpack, the GPS locator device can show you exactly where that object is through a virtual map. 

      A GPS tracker is an electric device that is connected wirelessly to a satellite. The satellite observes from afar and takes note of the exact location of the GPS tracking unit. This data is then sent through a wireless network and is stored in a GPS server, where the information is processed so that you can view it on your smartphone or computer. Once presented, the data can be then used for your company report or business navigation plan. 

      What are the advantages of using GPS trackers? 

      There are multiple advantages to using GPS trackers, but two of the most important are as follows:

      Heightened security

      Instead of calling up an employee or one of your loved ones about their whereabouts, the smart GPS tracker allows you to look at their specific status. The GPS software that comes with the device informs you about their exact location on the map and where they have previously been.

      More advanced hardwired vehicle GPS trackers can sense when a car is stolen. This type of setup even gives you the ability to cut the breaks, power, and fuel of the vehicle. This makes it so that the thief has no way of driving away with your car. 

      Better recording process

      In the business world, a better recording process means less paperwork. Manual tracking takes a lot of time, effort, and resources. Now that GPS trackers are ubiquitous, physical logging is something that can be left in the past. Tasks such as clocking out and writing down break times can now be taken note of digitally through the software.

      As for personal and family life, busy parents can still monitor their kids with personal tracking devices. You can connect to the standard GPS software and check to see if they are following the proper route directions. Additionally, you can monitor them to see if they went to school on time or if they are actually in their friend’s house. 

      How to install GPS trackers?

      Not all GPS trackers are the same. Some are hardwired to a vehicle while others are powered through a portable battery. Here are some general ways to install GPS trackers: 

      Vehicle-specific GPS trackers 

      For devices that connect to the car using an OBD II port, find the 16-pin hole and place the GPS tracker there. Once it’s plugged in, you can do some cable management by tucking in exposed wires or taping them neatly to the side. 

      For trackers that are hardwired, connect the cables to the car battery. This process may take some time as it is more complicated, so you need to plan. Do not rush into it. You may also ask for the assistance of a professional mechanic.

      Portable GPS trackers

      Even the best tracking devices come in a portable variant. For this type of product, it is much more simple to install as you do not have to fiddle with wires and plugs. You simply attach it to the area of your choosing.

      Understanding the build of the device is essential. Some portable trackers are in the shape of a watch, pendant, and even a small box. Regardless of the form, make sure to attach the device properly. For instance, if the tracker doubles as a watch, make sure that the strap is fastened correctly. If the GPS tracker is in the shape of a rectangular box, then attach it in a place where it will not fall over or move around. 

      For more detailed steps about installation, feel free to contact our customer support. We use simple and easy-to-understand language so that even those who have no background in electronics can follow our instructions. However, if you would like to install the GPS tracker on your own, simply consult the included manual. 

      If you misplaced the manual, don’t worry. We have a collection of manuals on our website. Scroll down to the bottom of the home page and click on ‘setup manuals’ to download a digital copy for your tracker. 

      Shop at The Spy Store now and enjoy express shipping for all orders and lifetime support from us!