Suspect a partner is cheating?

      CheckMate™ Infidelity Home Test Kit
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      • Confirm your suspicions
      • Fast acting with results in 5 minutes
      • Simple 4-Step Process
      Wi-Fi Wireless Charging Dock Spy Camera
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      • Capture 1080p HD Video
      • Motion Detection Recording to SD Card (Expandable up to 64GB)
      • AC Powered for 24/7 Access
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      UPGRADE Awaretech Smart Clock Alarm HD Hidden Camera with Wireless Charging Station
      • Top Selling Multi-Functional Clock
      • Record Live In-App or to SD Card (Expandable up to 128GB)
      • Motion Detection Recording to SD Card
      • Wireless charging station
      • Optional AC Powering for 24/7 Access
      4G Magnetic GPS Tracker
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      • Lifetime License Included
      • 15-20 Average Battery Life
      • 8M Night Vision
      4G Portable Car GPS Tracker
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      • Premium DIY Design
      • 5M Night Vision
      • 15-20 Day Average Battery Life
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      Awaretech MQ-L500 Power Bank Voice Recorder
      • 14 Days of Continuous Recording
      • 16GB of internal memory holding up to 576 hours of audio
      • Continuous and Voice Activated recording modes
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      HD1080P Wireless Hidden Wall-mounted Security Camera with PIR Sensor
      • Crisp 1080p HD Video & Audio Recording
      • 2-Way Communication - Speak Through The Camera!
      • Customise Your Motion-Activated Recording
      • 1-Year Standby Time Battery
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      2K Spy Camera Wireless Charging Power Bank with Motion Detection (Support Offline Recording)
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      • 2K HD Video & Audio Recording
      • Automatic Motion-Activated Recording
      • Night Vision for 24/7 Monitoring
      • Supports up to 256GB SD Cards
      4G Compact Portable Personal Tracker with Geo-fence & SOS Alarm
      • Strong 4G Connectivity & Precise Accuracy
      • Lifetime Tracksolid Pro Subscription
      • Emergency Alert Response Button
      • BYO 4G SIM, No Lock-In Contract or Subscription
      (Full Color) 4K Night Vision Binoculars with Long Viewing Distance & Rechargeable Lithium Battery
      • 4K HD Video in Full Colour, Day & Night Recording
      • Large 3'' HD Display
      • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
      • 5X Digital Zoom

      At the Spy Store, we aim to address your concerns about cheating by providing technology-driven solutions that will get you answers. Find the truth, whatever the answers may be.

      Cheating is a painful and destructive experience that can lead to feelings of betrayal, guilt, shame, and even depression.

      When someone suspects their partner is cheating, it can be incredibly difficult to come to terms with. Suspecting that your partner is cheating can take a heavy toll on any individual, and it’s important to take the time to process what you’re feeling. You may feel overwhelmed, confused, and unsure of what to do. If you feel like your suspicions are warranted, it’s important to seek out help to get to the bottom of the issue.

      One solution is to install a hidden camera, listening device or even a GPS Tracker in order to help you find out the truth. This can be an important step in deciding what to do next, either in terms of repairing your relationship or moving on.

      Hidden Cameras 

      Hidden cameras can be a powerful tool to either confirm or deny your suspicions. Though it may seem invasive, a hidden camera can provide hard-to-refute evidence of a partner's infidelity, and it can be a far less intrusive option than hiring a private investigator.

      Hidden cameras are easy to set up, can record audio and video, and can be discreetly placed anywhere in your home. They come in many shapes and sizes, from small, discrete devices to more visible models. Depending on your situation and the area you are monitoring, you can choose which type of camera best suits your needs. In addition, many hidden cameras are equipped with motion sensors, allowing them to begin recording only when activity is detected in the area. This can help conserve your camera's battery life and storage capacity.

      Listening Devices

      Listening devices can be used to listen in on conversations, giving you more insight into who your partner may be speaking to and what they're discussing. They can be easily placed in areas such as your bedroom or living room to pick up conversations. There are a range of options available, from basic voice recorders to more sophisticated models that can pick up conversations from a distance. You should also consider the size of the device, as well as its battery life.

      Infidelity Tests

      Infidelity Semen Test Kit is simple to use and allows you to test for the presence of male semen on objects, clothing, or bedding. It works by detecting the presence of semen-specific proteins, and can detect the presence of semen even after it has been washed or dried. This means that even if your partner has tried to cover up their infidelity, the test kit can still help you uncover the truth.

      4G GPS Trackers

      GPS Trackers allow you to track your partner’s location in real-time, giving you an accurate insight into their movements. With a GPS tracker, you can be sure that your partner isn’t lying about where they’ve been, who they’ve been with, and what they’ve been doing. Simple to install and easy to use, our GPS trackers allow you to discreetly monitor their movements from the comfort of your own home, without having to confront them about their suspected infidelity.

      Get to the bottom of the situation to determine if your partner has been unfaithful. Shop our range of products below and confirm for yourself.