4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Wearable Spy Camera

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If you’re planning an undercover operation, a body-worn camera is your best bet.

What makes these wearable cameras ideal is this: their discrete nature and mobility.

So, who uses hidden cameras?

Law enforcement authorities rely on spy cameras to improve transparency and coordination during operations.

Personal or investigative situations also produce better results when using a body-worn hidden camera. For example, a private detective may use a pen with a hidden camera to record a cheating spouse in a coffee shop.

Fact: An opportunity to collect evidence happens once — only the prepared seize it.

With that said, it pays to select the best camera for the job. As such, you should assess its specifications and relevance to the operation — a product buying guide can assist in finding the right fit.

With it, you can watch over your kids, monitor your business, or perform a law enforcement operation smoothly.

Storage Capacity of a Spy Camera

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Pro Black Box DVR

Sufficient storage will save you the hassle of deleting or transferring files — such an interruption can cause you to miss evidence or put your kids at risk.

Some cameras have fixed memory — for instance, 8GB. Others may have an built-in memory of 8GB, with a memory slot that can take up to 64GB SD card. 

That expanded capacity is a welcome boost. Especially for high-resolution images that require colossal space.

LawMate PV-500 Neo Pro Black Box DVR is an excellent example of a hidden camera with sufficient storage space.

Here’s why:

  • It comes with a 16GB Memory Cable.
  • It supports a memory card of up to 32GB.
  • Its Wi-Fi feature lets you share data, which frees more space. 

Ultimately, your ideal wearable camera should have sufficient storage space to guarantee a smooth operation.

Video Quality  

Although a wearable camera has numerous features, its ability to capture high-quality video and images comes first. Thus, this is what the choice of the right body-worn camera should revolve around.

That said, let’s explore the various elements of video quality.

The Video Resolution of Wearable Cameras

Video resolution is the ability to capture data or more detailed images, with pixels being the unit of measurement. 

The higher the pixel count, the better the camera’s ability to capture superior quality images.

Cameras with a high video resolution — such as 1080p Hidden Camera Sport Sunglasses — are ideal for capturing documents, slides, and detailed infographics.

So, how can you verify the ability of cameras to produce high-resolution images?

Here’s the breakdown:

  • The image dimensions fit well with big output screens. 
  • The images the camera produces are clear and have a high resolution.
  • The captured images don’t conceal important and fine details, such as colour.

Quality Test: When zooming, detailed images captured with high-resolution cameras don’t become distorted.

Frame Rate

Frame rate determines the style and the viewing experience of a video. The unit of measurement is frames per second (FPS).

If a camera reads 30FPS, it means the device displays 30 different still images per second.

Here’s how to interpret an FPS rate:

For slow action — such as in a web video, cinema, or film — 24FPS is ideal. On the other hand, fast motion such as a video game, live broadcast, or sports viewing, requires 30FPS.

Lastly, any video that requires a slow-motion review needs 60FPS or higher.

It’s crucial to check the FPS rate of a video camera and match it with your needs.

Our 1080p Hidden Camera Sport Sunglasses have models with either 30FPS or 60FPS rates.

Lighting Conditions

The lighting conditions influence the clarity of pictures or videos taken.

With that said, a camera’s ability to handle different lighting conditions matters a lot.

So, what aspects will help you assess this ability?

Low Light Environment

It’s difficult to capture images in low-light environments, like at night or in poorly-lit rooms. It’s prudent to acquire body-worn cameras with a day/night feature.

Alternatively, you can look out for cameras with a smart infrared (IR) array or IR LED features. The infrared qualities power night vision, and, consequently, the video-capture ability at night.

Diverse Lighting Conditions

Besides low-light, light effects can also impede video coverage.

You’ll need to acquire a body-worn camera with a wide dynamic range (WDR) feature — its role is to balance the sharp contrast between light and shadows.

As a result, your hidden camera will produce high-quality videos regardless of the light conditions.

Check out this LawMate BU-18 Neo 1080P Pinhole Camera with a WDR feature.

In a nutshell, lighting conditions are never perfect, but the ideal spy device performs well regardless of whatever these might be.

The Type of Spy Operation

law enforcement camera hidden
HD 2K Video Pen Camera

Spying or surveillance may range from law enforcement operations to a mother keeping an eye on her children in a public park.

You’ll need to select a device that is the best natural fit to the purpose.

For instance, a business owner may request an internal auditor to wear a Necktie Hidden Camera for surveillance reasons.

So, how can you apply different spy cameras to different settings?

Use a Button Camera for a Meeting Set-up

One of the ground rules in meetings is to keep distractions, like electronics, away.

law enforcement button camera
Pro Black Box Bundle

As such, it’s not a good idea to use a prominent or conspicuous device.

To that end, you’ll require everyday items such as a pen, button, or wearable glasses fitted with a hidden camera.

How does a button camera fit in a meeting situation?

  • It comes in different sizes to match varied outfits.
  • It’s Wi-Fi enabled for remote peer to peer sharing.
  • It has both continuous and motion-activated recording.
  • You can adjust its settings via a smartphone.

In short, a button camera is the perfect body-worn camera for a meeting set-up.

Check out this quality button camera that comes as a product bundle containing:

  • LawMate PV-500 Neo PRO Digital Video Recorder
  • LawMate BU-18 Neo Cone Camera
  • 34pc Accessory Set with multiple buttons and adaptors

Spying in Public Areas

full HD
HD Hidden Camera DVR Sunglasses

Law enforcement officers undertake several undercover operations in public areas. As such, the ideal device should neither raise suspicions nor alert those under investigation.

More so, the right video camera should be suitable for outdoor environments.

What options are suitable for public spying?

One example you can explore are Hidden Camera Sports Sunglasses. 

Below are features that make it suitable for spying in public areas:

  • It's 1080p HD to ensure high-quality recordings.
  • It’s fitted with an adjustable lens for getting the perfect angle. 
  • It allows remote access via the Android or iOS operating system.
  • Its internal battery supports 90 minutes of video capture.

Fact: Anyone can wear a pair of sunglasses with a hidden spy camera without raising suspicion. As such, it's an ideal choice for undercover operations.

Power Function of Spy Cameras

You’ll agree that enough power is instrumental in the success of a spying operation. Therefore, the right body-worn camera should have sufficient power.

That said, you can choose either a battery-powered or an AC-powered device. Even so, you should base your choice on the potential to extend battery life.

With batteries, you have the advantage of carrying an extra pack. On the other hand, cameras with quality internal batteries allow for longer audio and video time — and recharging.

A prime example is the Law Mate-Pv-500neo-Pro-Black-Box-DVR. Its internal battery sustains 2 hours of fieldwork recording.

Did you know that the motion detection feature enhances a camera's battery life?

A spy camera with a motion detection feature activates video recording upon registering motion. This means the camera is always on standby mode until activated by that movement.

As a result, the standby feature saves on power — giving you more recording capacity for your body-worn cameras.

Better still, some models will send you an alert to help you get ready for action.

Try Our Body-Worn Spy Cameras

The success of a spy operation depends on the right choice regarding body-worn cameras. The most suitable device will protect your cover, eliminate instances of lost files, and minimize disruptions.

As such, you should take time to settle on the right camera for the job.

It pays to liaise with a store that stocks suitable varieties of body-worn cameras. In doing so, you’ll gain access to different products, categories, and insightful product guides.

To boost the chances of your operation’s success, make The SpyStore your one-stop camera shop.

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